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Nirahua Hindustani 3 Bhojpuri Movie Wikipedia

Movie: Nirahua Hindustani 3
Banner : Nirahua Entertinment Presents
Producer : Pravesh Lal Yadav
Director : Manjul Thakur
Cast: Nirahua, Amrapali Dubey, Kajal Raghwani
Genre: Action, Drama, Romance
Music : Rajnish Mishra
Lyrics :
Story :
Dance Master :
Fight :
Release Date: 2019

Nirahua Hindustani 3 Bhojpuri Movie Wikipedia, Nirahua Hindustani 3 Movie Wiki, Release Date, Star Cast, Story
Nirahua Hindustani is a 2014 Indian Bhojpuri action-romance-comedy film written by Santosh Mishra & directed by Satish Chand Jain. Produced and distributed by Nirahua Entertainment, Rahul Khan Productions & Nirahua Music World respectively,[1] the film features Dinesh Lal Yadav and Amrapali Dubey in lead roles while Ayaz Khan, Gopal Rai, Kiran Yadav and Sanjay Pandey portray pivotal roles.[2][3] The soundtrack and film score were composed by Rajesh Rajnish. Satya Prakash was the film's cinematographer and editing was done by Santosh Harawade.
The story is about a villager name Nirahu Yadav ( Dinesh Lal Yadav ) who in search of his dream girl reaches Mumbai. During his stay in the city he by mistake is framed to be a serial killer and punished to be hanged till death. Nirahu announces his last wish of getting married simultaneously, there a rich girl named Sona (Amrapali Dubey), under consistent pressure from her handicapped and ill father to get married before his death. Leaving a will that Sona has to get married to own the estate of her father, Sona decides to marry Nirahu when she sees his last wish of getting married, on TV. Assuming the death sentence to Nirahu getting serviced in 9 days Sona plays a bet and proposes to marry him. Having found his dream girl proposing him for the marriage, Nirahu too agrees.
Having become an integral part of Nirahu's family, Sona one day is surprised by the visit of her old boyfriend Tony, who discloses the truth of agreement of her marriage to her in laws. Tony tries to force her to come to back to Mumbai which she denies. With the help of his goons Tony tries to get to his motive which Nirahu foils.

Later, in front of his family Nirahu accepts about the divorce terms which he agreed with Sona while bringing her to his village 6 months back, now since the tenure is completed he needs to divorce her and send her back to Mumbai. Nirahu, unaware of Sona's feelings for him takes her to the Bus station. When he reaches his home drunk and depressed he finds Sona in his room. Nirahu gets surprised by this and believes it to be some dream to which Sona clarifies and confesses her deep love for Nirahu and wishes to stay with him forever as his wife. The movie ends with Nirahu and Sona getting married in presence of their family members.

Dinesh Lal Yadav - Nirahu
Amrapali Dubey - Sona
Ayaz Khan - Tony
Sanjay Pandey - Bablu
Kiran Yadav - Nirahu's mother
Krish - Pappu
Pakhi Hegde - Special appearance in a song Sarson Mein Inter Kailu
Under his production house,[4] this was Nirahua's 50th project.[5][6] and actress Aamrapali Dubey's film debut.[7] Filming was underway in December 2013.[8] Promotion for the film went public June 2007
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